Sunday, September 25, 2011

new in (cosmetics)

hey there! :)
my parents just came back from Barcelona, Spain.
here u can see what they bought for me in the Spain duty free shop. also they bought some original souvenirs, 2 of them u can see on the last 2 photos, i think they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

my new fragrance from D&G is really so sweet and lovely! u really will feel like an empress if u use it =)

those creams r really essential cause i sleep very little and i want my skin to look perfect in spite of it. my mom said Sisley is very good cosmetic brand, so she bought for me this tonic. the weather now is not so good as in summer, and my skin will become dry at a very short time. so the tonic will be useful, cause it is alcohol-free.
i liked all the presents!!

be trendy,


Friday, September 23, 2011

things from Burberry, London

most of this summer i spent in London, UK. it's an amazing city!
above all i like London's style, especially UK brand Burberry.
let me show u what i bought in the official boutique of Burberry brand in London:

be trendy!